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Project Portfolio

Past Work

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PAFB - Dental Clinic

23,505 square feet of 5" slab on deck and slab on grade with a 320' x 74' curved building foundation and all site concrete work completed.


Ft. Carson - Battalion Operations Facility

Site concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, pipe bollards, and large exterior concrete stairs with cheek walls.


CubeSmart Self Storage

32,160 square feet of 3/5" slab on elevated deck for 2nd and 3rd floor levels.


Ft. Carson - Vehicle Bridge & Road

46,228 square feet of 8" tank trail.


Ft. Carson - 4th ID CAB Attack Hangar

22' to 34' tall cast-in-place aircraft hangar walls.


USAFA Sijan Hall

105,930 square feet removal and replacement of elevated and bonded second course concrete walkways were done for this job. Also 46,920 square feet of concrete asbestos encapsulation within the crawl spaces were worked on.

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